Equities Stocks And Bonds Investing Business – Make A Fortune With These Simple Tips

Compounding capital is something that really makes money grow. 20% doesn’t sound like much but when you apply it to $100 multiple times you begin to see how amazingly it works. Try compounding $100 by 20% by 25 multiplications and you would have over $10,000That really is a low investment opportunity invest in botswana.

This is the business of business. All businesses large and small, no matter what they are peddling, look to spend a dollar to earn a $1.20 or more. That really is the bottom line. If this can be done in a day, then after all costs the return is big. In the scenario above, you turned $100 into $10,000 or multiplied it by 100! If you did that daily, you would have done it in 25 days.

Of course the issue is that in a business, you cannot compound so easily. If you started a hotdog stand and spent $100 on dogs and buns and sold them all for a profit of 20% including costs like losses and overheads, you cannot expect logically that tomorrow, your business may increase by 20% so you may compound your money all over again. You see, in business we are limited by our compounding returns by the size of the market we operate in. To compound capital, you must increase your market and that is the challenge to most businesses.

But if the goal of all business, the absolute bottom line is to compound the capital on a regular basis, then why limit one self to a limited market? Opportunity investment is a phrase that has been coined recently and is creating a buzz in the business community. It is certainly seen as revolutionary.

What opportunity investment does is remove the “busy work” of a business and zero’s right in on the ultimate objective of a business, to compound ones capital.

As a low investment business opportunity, opportunity-investment is the ultimate beast. It is state-of-the-art-cash-creation. Invented by Millionaire visionary Hayden Muller, opportunity investment can be applied at any capital account level imaginable. Compounding rates of 40%-50% are not uncommon and the time frames are measured in weeks not years.

I have been fortunate enough to apply these principles to my own seed capital and have found it to be extraordinarily effective. Once you have your eyes opened by studying Haydens world acclaimed book “The Million Dollar Mentor” you discover that excess intrinsic value is everywhere. You get excited by percentage values and not dollar values. For example early in my venture,

I got an investment object that cost me next to nothing and sold it for $20 Not much money, but the return I calculated was over 1000% and you could not contain my enthusiasm for this funny little transaction. There was something about it, that I just couldn’t get out of my head. I laid awake thinking about it. In the space of a couple of hours, I compounded my money from a few cents to $20 and I knew that rate of return was not sustainable however, it was the miracle of the math that kept me captivated.

By segregating a seed capital account that is designed to be grown, I did ultimately grow this small investment into over $10 million dollars over the last 5 years. I have been in the position to help others with opportunity-investment and it inevitably creates enthusiastic followers once it is understood.

Business is about capital growth. Too many people get lost in the ordering of stock and all the other routines required to run a business, when essentially they lose sight of what they are really trying to do while at the same time serving a market is grow their capital. This does really eliminate all the busy work and cuts to the mechanism at hand.

Considering you can start with as little as $100 with no further monetry input from you, it really is a low investment business opportunity that delivers. Finding out more about opportunity investment can be as simple as clicking the link below.

Equities Stocks And Bonds Investing Business – Make A Fortune With These Simple Tips

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