Car Subwoofer Enclosure Designs Have Advantages

I’ve observed several fiberglass subscription guides that show how to make a custom fiberglass subscription box. Nothing of those guides have actually described how exactly to accomplish it. Sometimes they don’t have sufficient photographs or don’t describe it correctly فایبرگلاس در خودرو سایت ایسنا.

In this guide I am planning to give you the In’s and Out’s of Building a custom fiberglass subscription box. I are determined to produce a subscription package for my Ford Prelude. I am planning to be installing a JL Music W3V3 with a 500 w Alpine Amplifier.

Okay, time and energy to begin creating a fiberglass subscription package! The first step to creating the package is pulling out some programs on what you need and how exactly to you intend to do it. When fiberglassing, you can’t actually resolve your problems since when fiberglass resin is dry, its DRY.

We wanted to produce a simple package that could save room, and search oem to the prelude. We began by putting masking record down therefore no fiberglass resin gets on the rug, since if it will, its ruined. Also, be sure to record additional room your actually planning to make use of simply to be safe.

We did about 2-3 layers of record and then also included some aluminum foil as a layer, as never to get any glass on the carpet. Whenever you genuinely believe that you have enough record and there is no probable way that anymore fiberglass might get right through to the rug; do still another layer.

The next phase when you have tapped everything is to begin fiberglassing. Before you combine your fiberglass with your hardener, you ought to reduce strips from your fiberglass mat. I frequently produce strips about 7-9 inches wide. If you are prepared, things you need to accomplish is combine your fiberglass with your hardener in the mixing cup.

The hardener could have just how much fiberglass resin to hardener combine to make. Ensure you make before you begin fiberglassing as it cures somewhat quick. Color a layer of fiberglass resin onto the record without any mat. After you’ve decorated a layer set fiberglass pad down and color still another layer around fiberglass following that. Wait about 10 moments and then do still another layer before it cures completely.

Now, delay at the least an hour and allow fiberglass resin entirely dry. When its dry, you can take the mold out and rip off most of the record and aluminum foil. Put it back in your trunk and acquire wherever you intend to reduce off. Ensure you go gradually and don’t take all of it off at once.

So you need certainly to cut out a MDF ring for your subscription to screw into. Some choose to produce a remove ring with a router but I like the one ring way better. I am utilizing a 10 inch jl sound w3 therefore I cut out a 10 inch ring and used the features from the package to produce a ring the right size.

Then we pulled out our recently attached fiberglass package and set still another layer of fiberglass pad on it. Usually you intend to do about 5-6 layers of fiberglass. Some state you need to be able to stay on your package without it breaking.

Another good fiberglassing tip is to eliminate as many air pockets as possible. This may produce the mold a lot stronger since there’s no air pockets. You do this by jabbing the fiberglass rather than actually attempting to color it.

Okay, enough experimenting; back to fiberglassing! Next we placed on a last layer of fiberglass pad and resin. After it’s completely dried (about 3 hours) we began sanding and chopping to have the form we wanted with your custom fiberglass subscription box.

After your straight back mold appears good for you its time and energy to collection your MDF ring up how exactly to need your subscription to be. Maintain your ring up wherever you believe you’d like it. Reduce some dowel supports to measurement and position your ring how you need it. We used superglue and epoxy to help keep the dowel supports and the MDF ring in place. Their crucial that the ring is quite strong and strong since we will expand fleece around it.

Make sure that whenever your ring is in place every angle appears good and even to you. Whenever you expand the fiberglass and begin painting resin on it, there’s no turning back.

Now is the enjoyment part. This is wherever your fiberglass subscription package begins to come together. Get your fleece and expand it around your mold you have made. Make sure you expand it as tight that you can so might there be no creases or free parts. The fleece ought to be touching every side of the trunk of the fiberglass mold.

Use a preference weapon to protected the fleece to the subscription fiberglass mold. Staple the basics in the medial side of the fiberglass package so you don’t fiberglass around them and ask them to be stuck forever. After you believe its done search it over again from all area and make certain it seems the manner in which you are interested to check since when the fiberglass resin is on, its that shape forever.

When everything appears ready to go, its time and energy to begin glassing. Combine a great deal of fiberglass (about 12 oz) and color the fiberglass on the fleece. Color it on heavy, and be sure to go all the way to the side so you mold both parts (front and back) together. There’s you should not color the whole ring since we will reduce it out anyway. Do fiberglass the fleece to the MDF ring.

After its dry (took about an hour since we used plenty of glass) you can take off the access fleece from the side of the mold and round the ring. Currently you need to be able to take the dowel supports from the package and the ring should remain wherever it is. After you’ve attached off the majority surplus of the fleece, toss the package in your car or truck and observe how it looks. Looks decent here!

Not to mess up the outer shape of our fiberglass subscription package, we must put the others of our fiberglass layers to the within of the box. Include about 2-3 layers of fiberglass pad to the within of the mold. Make sure to fiberglass in between wherever both shapes came together.

Once you end the within of the package escape the sander and the jig saw and take off all the extra garbage about your fiberglass box. We will use rug on our package, therefore we don’t need certainly to mud the actually fiberglass mold. As an alternative we just mud most of the sides and ends therefore it meets comfortable in to the trunk of the Ford Prelude.

Car Subwoofer Enclosure Designs Have Advantages

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